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Icon needs a Media Czar.

by Zeiss1232, 14 days ago

We want someone who can do some graphics, take screenshots, post screenshots, make the website prettier, maybe do some raid videos, etc. If you're interested and have a talent for that kind of thing, let us know!

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Icon Hearthstone Tournament!

by Zeiss1232, 18 days ago

We're going to run a Hearthstone Tournament, over the weekend of 1/16 - 1/18.  First prize will be a mount or pet from the Blizzard store!! Since this is going to be our first tournament outing into Hearthstone we're going to keep things kind of simple. 

We're only going to allow the starter decks for this tournament, that way everyone, even those new to Hearthstone are on a relatively fair playing field.  When you enter, choose three decks that you would like to play for the duration of the tournament.

Rounds will be Single Elimination best of three. If you are the winner of a match, you cannot change decks, but the loser must choose a new deck, as that character has died for the duration of the round.  At the start of the next round both players can choose to start with any of their chosen decks. 

Also, obviously this is an Icon-only tournament. Your friends, neighbors, or that one guy you know who is really good at Hearthstone cant play. 


1st - Cash shop Mount or Pet, your choice! (Donated by Victions!) 

2nd - 2,000 gold.

3rd - 1,000 gold.

Please sign up below!


  • Xlen
  • Blergs
  • Peddy
  • Varilii
  • Singers
  • Uteh
  • Ticondapanda
  • Rakhasa

Brackets are up! You have 48 hours to complete your match and get back to me, or to request a 12 hour extension. If a winner is not determined, I will advance one of the players based on whichever seemed to try to make the match happen the most. Until round 1 is over, we will still allow people to join in. Round one will end at 11pm Server Time on Monday Night, or when all matches have been played. 

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We Can Be Heroes!

by Mahanaxar83, 18 days ago

So last night was fun, eh?

Going from 1/7 Heroic to 5/7 in one flippin night is pretty sweet! I think it's safe to say we're well on our way to hopefully getting into Mythic before BRF comes out! After struggling on Heroic Butcher before the Holidays this was extremely encouraging and, more importantly, FUN! Everyone did a fantastic job but this is only the beginning.

Because the guild as a whole proved we can handle Heroic it will be our new focus. We will clear Normal one more time on a scheduled raid day (Sunday, as Zeiss mentioned last night) and then it will be moved to an optional third night where alts are welcome with Thursdays and Sundays both being dedicated to clearing Heroic. The last two bosses are a lot harder than the first five so we'll need that time to get the fights down.

With enough patience and practice I know we can realistically get into Mythic! The Icon Steamroller is back on track!

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