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The Icon Guild Participation Giveaway!!!

by Natasi / Rakhasa, 31 days ago

My fellow Officers and I are happy to announce a contest that is open to all guild members!!!  I will start by listing the prizes otherwise I know you won't read the entire post.

First Prize - 15k Gold

Second Prize - 2x Royal Satchels (28 Slot Bags) approx value of 4k Gold

Third Prize - Nothing!!!!  well maybe something but we haven't come up with anything else yet

How do you win these prizes? Especially that third one?  Well this is a Raffle so you need to score some tickets.

How do you score tickets? Easy, I will list the ways below:

Join the Guild Website = 1 Ticket

Get registered on Mumble = 1 Ticket

Did both of those things before we had to bribe you = 2 Extra Tickets for being so goddamned proactive

Participate in at least 1 Guild Event per week = 1 Ticket

We are also discussing the idea of giving out tickets to those who are active and helpful.

So, when does this start?  It already has and will end on October 31st.

Prizes will be awarded by Nov. 4th

Good Luck!

Ps. - Make sure any alts you have in guild have the name of your Main in the public notes so you get credit for doing things while playing them

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New PTR Patch Notes for 6.0.2 are up!

by Mahanaxar83, 45 days ago


Fun times! Whether you've dabbled in the beta or not these are the changes that will be coming to the pre-patch to WoD! Some pretty interesting stuff in here so read up.

A few highlights:

-New Character Models!

-New 5-man version of UBRS for lvl 90s!

-Racial ability changes

-Class changes

-Stat squishing

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We're baaaaaaack!

by Mahanaxar83, 52 days ago

The band is getting back together!

Through some facebook pestering and a tiny bit of stalking a good majority of the legendary <Icon> is reforming on Thrall (US-PvE) as Horde! Most are just screwing around leveling and whatnot until WoD drops but when it does we will hit it at full force. In the face.

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