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New PTR Patch Notes for 6.0.2 are up!

by Mahanaxar83, 13 days ago


Fun times! Whether you've dabbled in the beta or not these are the changes that will be coming to the pre-patch to WoD! Some pretty interesting stuff in here so read up.

A few highlights:

-New Character Models!

-New 5-man version of UBRS for lvl 90s!

-Racial ability changes

-Class changes

-Stat squishing

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We're baaaaaaack!

by Mahanaxar83, 20 days ago

The band is getting back together!

Through some facebook pestering and a tiny bit of stalking a good majority of the legendary <Icon> is reforming on Thrall (US-PvE) as Horde! Most are just screwing around leveling and whatnot until WoD drops but when it does we will hit it at full force. In the face.

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