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New Forums are LIVE!!

by Natasi / Rakhasa, 294 days ago

New forum is up. Currently the address is


They have not been made pretty but they are functional and people need to start migrating there ASAP. Registration is required and I will approve as quickly as I can. I will only be able to enable viewing of the private section from home so please be patient as I roll this out and check back frequently.

If there are any forums or subs you would like me to create you can message me after you have registered. 


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About guild repairs...

by Zeiss1232, 298 days ago

We're not turning them on, until the bank is sitting on 50,000g. And any time the guild bank goes below 50,000g, we will be turning them off.  We use that money to buy things to make the raids better. We buy Sorcerous Fire/Earth to make greater flasks to hand out during raids. Each raid we hand out between 40 to 70 (15-20g each) flasks, and the extras dont always make it back into the bank. We've bought materials to make potions as well. Each raid we go through at least 100 - 150 potions from the bank, often more (5-7g each). 

So, conservitely the gbank is out anywhere between 1100 and 2450 every raid, without paying for repairs. If you add in repairs for a normal night, averaging 1-5 deaths per player, 40 gold a death, repairs come out to be somewhere near 2000 gold. Wipe nights cost around 8k. So, a normal raid night is 3000 - 5000 gold. Our current income per week into the gbank is ~1500 gold from the Cash Flow perk. 1000 gold comes from our weekly raid, and then some miscellaneous bonuses also get hit. 

The guild can afford to fund four weeks of raiding with it's current funds, assuming they're all farm nights, and a bit under two weeks if it's progression wiping.

How do we get more money into the gbank?

We could charge for BoEs. Half market value to loot and equip a BoE. That doesnt seem awesome, and I don't really want to go that route. 

We could charge for mistakes. You fucked up a mechanic and wiped us? Pay a fine.  That doesnt seem awesome, and I don't really want to go that route. 

We could stop passing out flasks/potions. Unlike paying for repairs, flasks and potions actually increase our chances of killing bosses, as I know that people would be more conservative with their own materials. So, this is very low on my list of things I actually want to do. 

Guild Lottery. I was going to bring this up at the guild meeting but I went ahead and added it here. I'm planning on starting a weekly lottery in the guild. Tickets will cost 500g, you can buy as many as you want. Drawing will be held on Sunday nights raid. The winner will receive 75% of the total value of all tickets and the guild bank will take the remaining 25%.

Do challenges. There are 7 challenges for dungeons, 3 for challenge modes, and 3 for Rated BGs.  If these are all done, a lot of free money appears in the gbank. 


"Oh Wise and Terrible Zeiss, that's great and all, but I still cant afford repairs because I'm bad at the game and/or I make terrible decisions. "


Well, you're probably doing something wrong then. There has never been an easier expansion to make money in, at least repair money. Your garrision is basically a faucet that poors out limitless amounts of money, in small quantities. Here's how:

Jewelcrafting Building - Level 2 - Small Building:

  • Daily quest when you assign a follower that requires a small amount of either True Iron or Blackrock Ore. This quest gives you a literal bag of money. 150-400g every day, for a miniscule investment of time and/or money.

Salvage Yard - Level 3 - Small Building: 


  • If you don't have a Salvage Yard I might /gkick you.
  • Endless supply of vendor trash. Most of the greens that drop from this are vendor trash and dont need to be AHd or DEd. Some should be DEd and very few AH for hundreds of gold. 
  • Always save up the blue class specific gear you get to DE. They are not worth vendoring. Get a buddy with an enchanter hut and dust them, then sell the dust.
  • Also drops 665 BoEs that are worth a ton. 
  • I usually do all of my salvage yard stuff for a week at once, saving up the boxes to open in a big group so it's less annoying on a daily basis.


Frostwolf Tavern - Level Three - Medium Building


  • Get inn to level 3 by doing 10 daily instance quests.
  • New missions will be available to your followers, depending on how active you are its worth between 300 and 1200 gold in a day.
  • These missions also help the salavage yard by generating salvage crates.


Gladiator's Sanctum - Level whatever - Medium Building


  • Go to Ashran, get bones.
  • Give bones to creepy insane orc for work orders.
  • Work orders turn into gold/honor/conquest/gear.
  • Use honor to buy raid rerolls, dust gear for gold, use conquest to get 660 epics, use gold for gold.
  • Most time intensive for least output.



"Well, ok, that's fine, I'm still broke because I'm lazy."

I'm considering setting up a GoldDKP PuG run. This will be a great way to make money and get gear... but it's still in planning phases.

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Icon needs a Media Czar.

by Zeiss1232, 319 days ago

We want someone who can do some graphics, take screenshots, post screenshots, make the website prettier, maybe do some raid videos, etc. If you're interested and have a talent for that kind of thing, let us know!

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